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With great care and consideration you have chosen your wedding dress! At another address there is a suit that just looks a bit different. Yep, you both have a great sense of style! You love, preferably long, to dine with friends and others that are close to your heart. If possible at beautiful set tables. Whether it be outdoors or in a well-chosen location. And this is what you want for your special day as well! For you, styling means bringing your personal touch to the surface. It is incorporated in every aspect to show that this day is about you. And even in those aspects that are not directly related to the day itself. Not only amazing for you, but your guests will appreciate it. Next to styling we can also create your favourite bridal bouquet and flower arrangements, so that every aspect is perfectly aligned. You will have the certainty that everything flawlessly fits together. 
Together we turn your story into a styling that suits your location, atmosphere and of course you.


You know exactly what you want. A beautiful location, with those who are closest to you present when you say “I do” to your sweetheart in your own personal way. Enjoying delicious food with great wines. Entirely your own ambiance. And dancing, dancing is what you do until late in the night on that kind of music that keeps your feet going and going. Maybe a good idea to book that getaway, because yeah that honeymoon is waiting for you, to look back at your wonderful wedding day. No idea how to organise and plan the day of your dreams in such a way that does not bring any worry but keeps it fun and enjoyable? No problem, we love to search for the best suppliers that suit your taste and to take care of every little detail for your wedding day that make it that more special and personal. We make sure that the whole planning is translated to a well thought out guideline, which we will go through step by step before the actual day. And on the day itself? Then, of course, we will be there all day long from beginning to end!


You love to plan your wedding and enjoy searching for those suppliers that suit your wedding. This to you is “getting into the mood” for your big day. You already made moodboards for your ceremony and how you want to dine. You are even working on the wedding favours already. Only on the wedding day itself you want to enjoy every moment, from toasting with your guests to enjoying great food and ending the day with a swooning party. And we totally understand that, because this is how your day should be. This is where we come in, you can hire us as coordinator for the day. Two months before your wedding we go through every step of your wedding and on the day itself we make sure everything runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy every single moment with your guests.

A coordinator can be hired in combination with beautiful styling and flower design from our own stylist and designer.